Friday, September 19, 2008

recollecting long lost passion

... Images of artworks that blow your senses, and mind.

I realized what that had been missing in my life. 4 years of being a pure science stream student did not fill the gap that was burrowing deeper inside me. Being a late bloomer is not an excuse. I managed to reimburse my loss with 3 years of formal arts education and 2 years of practicing it. Sufficient enough? No. So, what should I do now?


But why at this age?

Good question.

I remembered that I used to love drawing (on paper, wall, the marble floor of our old house in Subang Jaya) and I was not satisfied until I get my reward of doing so. I could never get enough of art class compared to other subjects.

Obtaining my PMR results, the dilemma was there: A for Maths and B for Science. Usually the school will allow its students to experience both Art and Science stream for the 1st 1 month. Then the students decide which was more suitable for them. I was determined to enter the Art stream. For the first 2 weeks of trial I was happy at the thought that I would be able to continue my passion in the arts.

Due to some personal circumstances, I was forced into Science stream. My hopes and dreams disappeared almost immediately.

Although enraged, I still made it as a (sleeping) science student, even managed to scribble funny manga characters of my own beneath my desk (in an exercise book, of course). Art became my stress therapy, channeling all my rebels (not forgetting creative juices) into it but still managed to escape from being caught not paying attention in class. Anyway, being a science student has made me define and refine WHAT EXACTLY I wanted to do in life.

Hence, I developed a new hobby - gallery hopping.

Matahati Artriangle 2008

This was actually my 2nd gallery-hopping trip. The 1st was Malihom Artists in Residence (AiR).

Art classes' days

Figure 1 Flowers by Sumbul Pranowo (Matahati Artriangle 2008) Ah~ those art classes' days (Form 1-3). Ribbons and colour tones. Surely anyone would remember of practicing of drawing ribbons and toning them in black and white, then move to toning them in colours - multicolours then chromatic tones.

Pacing back in time

Figure 2 The Grass Wasn't Greener by Salleh Japar (Matahati Artriangle 2008) Another interesting work from the exhibition which really made me sank in thought (or more of a vague reminiscence) of the subject taught in primary school: Alam dan Manusia (which I believe had been the foundation of the current subjects Sains and Kajian Tempatan that are taught in school). How education changed (and changed the people) through the years.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

"Lonely Hero" - exploration of different medium

previous work "Lonely Hero" is explored using a combination of traditional and digital media.